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TZW news No 7 introduces the German Water Research Roadmap 2025

The recently published issue of TZW news sets the focus on the DVGW Water Research Roadmap 2025. Several expert groups developed in a four-step approach a new roadmap for the German water research community. The DVGW Roadmap 2025 identifies 40 key research topics. TZW news reports furthermore on various international projects such as the German Australian Joint Lab on Water Microbiology and the TRUST-project in Peru.Read more >>>

New GWRC report: The potential of In Vitro Bioassays

In September 2018 the Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC) adopted the report „In Vitro Bioassays: Current Status and Future Application for Water Management“. The report provides a good overview of the state of research. The application of bioanalytical tools for water quality screening might be a step forward to increase the understanding of the risks associated with mixtures of chemicals in water but not yet reliable for drinking water.

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GWRC: 15 Years of Global Cooperation for the Exchange of Water Knowledge

Since 2002 twelve leading research organisations have established an international water research alliance. The Annual Report 2017 which was currently published summarizes its activities. In 2017 the GWRC’s research agenda included among others the topics of Bioanalytical tools, Antibiotic Resistance and Microplastics. Several workshops, board meetings and topic discussions supported an intensive exchange within the membership. In 2017 Josef Klinger (TZW: DVGW German Water Centre, Karlsruhe) who has held the chair of GWRC over the past three years, handed the chairmanship over to the Australian colleagues.

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GWRC Fact Sheet on Microplastics

Microplastic pollution has been an issue in the marine research field. However, investigations on the occurrence in surface and raw waters are still in a very early stage. But discussion on its potential impact on drinking water is spread around already in the public. Members of the Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC) put together their activities, which are summarized in a science brief.Read more >>>